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Activities on-line
@FRICS has Recently

E@ Integrated MLITfs 26 Radar Rain gauges along with online calibration;
E@ Integrated MLIT telemeter systems taking advantage of XML. More than 16,000 stations under separately developed systems have been incorporated into a single system;
E@ Established a data verification scheme based on the Hydrology and Water Quality Database to enable accurate and prompt publication;
E@ Compiled the gGuideline for Flood Hazard Mappingh to have been applied for more than 300 municipalities throughout Japan;
E@ Initiated a Roll-playing Type Training Scheme for decision-makers to cope with Crisises, and practiced some 30 times in fiscal 2005 at all levels of the Central and Local Governments;
E@ Developed the gDynamic Flood Simulatorh a real-time and visible flood hazard map system; and
E@ Set up the gNational Land with Water Informationh Center, a clearing house of information vital for river/basin planning and management
under the contract with the Government.

@Operation of Current Systems

System Owner User Daily
Integrated River Information System for Municipalities River Bureau Municipalities FRICS
FRICSf River Information Net for Disaster Mitigation FRICS Subscribed Users FRICS
River Information for Public River Bureau General Public FRICS
Mobile For Offices River Bureau Government
For Municipalities River Bureau Municipality
For Public River Bureau General Public FRICS
Internal Use River Offices
, etc.
General Public Offices assisted
For Public River Bureau General Public FRICS

@Image of the Radar Rain Gauge System

High Resolution of 1km & 10 min
Image of the Radar Rain gauges

@Radar Rain gauges are equivalent to so many Ground Rain gauges

Radar Rain gauges are equivalent to so many Ground Rain gauges

@Information on Storage of Reservoirs

Information on Storage of Reservoirs

@Information Dissemination through Internet
Information Dissemination through Internet

@Information through Mobile Phone
Information through Mobile Phone

@Hydrological & Water Quality Database

Retrieval of Historical Data
Hydrological & Water Quality Database

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